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Budget Travel Guide Part 1: Food

Japan has a diverse cuisine that is unique and mouthwatering, making it a haven for foodies. However, the constant eating might make you worry about your expenditure. With this guide, you can satisfy yourself with all kinds of Japanese food and still have money to spare.

Matsudo Nanbu Ichiba

Mention a fish market in Japan and most would point you to Tsukiji market. But in nearby Chiba Prefecture, Matsudo Nanbu Ichiba presents a cosier option if you want to escape the crowd at the world-renowned Tsukiji.

Guide to Photography Part 2: Light

This photography guide tackles lighting conditions that you can almost never control. Hopefully with after reading this, you can face any kind of light head on and take the perfect photo.

Japan's Bountiful Spring Flower Bloom

Spring ushers in a time of beauty in Japan, with many types of flowers blooming to signal the end of winter. Prepare your spring outing with the best of Japan's flowers right here!


All things upscale, Akasaka is located close to Roppongi, and is a convenient stop for those looking to splurge. With luxurious accommodation, fine dining options, and shopping galore, prepare for a busy day of spending here.


Kofu is surrounded by mountains, with Mount Fuji, Mount Kimpu, Mount Shirane and Mount Kai-koma enclosing Yamanashi Prefecture's capital.


Located on the western end of Tokyo, Okutama is a mountainous range that offers spectacular views for outdoor enthusiasts.


Sakai is Fukui Prefecture's second most populous city and home to Maruoka Castle, Japan's oldest remaining castle, as well as the Tojinbo cliffs.


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