Mondo Bongo, Sendai 6

Mondo Bongo, Sendai

Mondo Bongo in Sendai is one of those hidden underground places that I would never have found myself. You like Japanese food and..

Ship Street Cafe, Sendai 7

Ship Street Cafe, Sendai

Ship Street Cafe offers a wide range of own drink creations ranging from cocktails to smoothies. There's finger food, snacks..

Pagu Pagu, Sendai 10

Pagu Pagu, Sendai

Pagu Pagu stands for good food and a family like atmosphere. Pagu Pagu offers a range of uncommon but very tasty Japanese dishes;..

Miyagi 3
Tazawako Rose Park Hotel

Tazawako Rose Park Hotel

The Tazawako Rose Park Hotel is situated right on the shore of beautiful Lake Tazawa, a caldera lake of about 20 km circumference..

Akita 3
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