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Fukuoka Itinerary
One to two days in the gateway to western Japan
A Guide to Japanese Visas
A general overview of the Japanese visa system
This guide provides a general overview of the visa categories available to visitors to Japan.
Yamagata Snow Festival
A winter celebration in snowy Tohoku
Yamagata hosts a winter festival on the first weekend of February 2017.
Arita Ceramics Fair
Annual porcelain sale in the heart of Kyushu
The town of Arita, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan, holds an annual ceramics fair during Golden Week.
Kusasenri Plateau
Sweeping grasslands at the peak of Mt Aso
A grassy plateau sits atop the five peaks of Mt Aso, one of Japan's most impressive volcanoes.
Myoryu-ji (Ninja-dera) in Kanazawa
The aptly nicknamed ninja temple
Take a peek into Kanazawa's so-called Ninja Temple on a guided visit to Myoryu-ji.
Kobori Shuzo Brewery
"Made in Ishikawa" sake and plum wine
Kobori Shuzo brewery offers some of Ishikawa Prefecture's best sake as well as a popular plum wine.
Kosoyu Bathhouse in Yamashiro Onsen
A replica Meiji-era bathhouse in Ishikawa Prefecture
Soak away your aches in a replicated Meiji-era bathhouse in Ishikawa Prefecture's Yamashiro Onsen.
Hideki Matsui Baseball Museum
Ishikawa's native son is memorialized in his hometown
Baseball fans won't want to miss the Hideki Matsui Baseball Museum in the player's hometown of Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Sakura at Iyashi no Sato Nenba
Weeping cherries against a traditional village backdrop
Weeping cherry blossoms bloom along the paths of Iyashi no Sato Nenba in mid to late April.
Found: 350 results