Cafe Mame-Hico in Sangenjaya 7

Cafe Mame-Hico in Sangenjaya

Cafe Mame-hico in Sangenjaya, Tokyo, is not your ordinary cafe. It has a farm in Hokkaido, an Internet radio program, a free m..

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Iriya Asagao Festival 2024

Iriya Asagao Festival 2024

Early Jul

The Iriya Asagao Festival has been hosted on July 6, 7, 8 every year since late Edo period, when asagao (morning glories) became..

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Shinjuku Marui Rooftop Garden 7

Shinjuku Marui Rooftop Garden

With streets crowded with shoppers and businessmen, downtown Shinjuku is often overwhelming. Marui offers an alternative to expensive..

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