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Basics of Running in Tokyo

Running in Tokyo can seem daunting to someone who may not speak, let alone read, Japanese. Here are some helpful pointers to have a great run in one of the safest cities in the world.  

Koma Shrine Thanksgiving Day

Koma Shrine celebrates its more than 1300 year history in a two-day event, beginning at 16:00 of May 19 (Saturday). On May 20 (Sunday), festivities begin at 10:00 and run until 15:00.

Cafe Nichigetsudo

Somewhere along the picturesque road on the way to Chichibu from Hidaka is a cozy nook of a stop called Cafe Nichigetsudo (カフェ日月堂). The warm brown of the all-wood house surrounded by greenery makes for an inviting combination. Right beside the cafe is a separate hut with a wood furnace where bread is lovingly crafted and freshly baked using natural yeast.


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