Pizza Bar Ura-Akihabara

A stylish and relaxing Italian seaside inspired bar

By Sherilyn Siy    - 2 min read

If you meander beyond Akihabara's most popular electronic, manga and anime destinations, you will find a stylish and relaxing Italian bar very much like what you might find along the Italian seaside. As the name of the restaurant suggests, Pizza Bar Ura-Akihabara is located at the back of Akihabara, or the opposite side of where most tourists head to.

Though the restaurant's dining space is smaller than a regular classroom, Pizza Bar Ura-Akihabara has cleverly used the small space to incorporate various seating to suit your mood: Corner sofa seats to sink into, an open terrace if you prefer looking out onto the busy street as you dine, and semi-private rooms for intimate parties. No matter what corner you choose, you will enjoy the bustling Italian bar vibe.

The pizzas are made from special wheat flour. The dough is fermented at a low temperature and pizzas are baked in a 500℃ oven, resulting in a crust that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, a distinct characteristic of authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Even a plain and simple tomato sauce is delightful with such a crust. These pizzas are so scrumptious that the staff say some customers order two pizzas for themselves!

Lunch sets are reasonably priced at ¥980, which includes a cup of soup, a plate of salad, and a pizza or pasta of your choice. The pizza and the pasta on offer for the lunch sets change daily (the menu a printout and was presented to us on a clipboard). We tried the spinach and keema curry pizza set, and the fresh pasta with green curry sauce. Everything served to us tasted fresh, perfectly seasoned, and delightfully tasty.

At night, wine is the star. The restaurant offers a wide selection at reasonable prices, along with non-alcoholic cocktails.

Getting there

Pizza Bar Ura-Akihabara is a 5 minute walk from Showadori Exit of JR Akihabara Station and a 2 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Exit 1. It is approximately 300 meters from Akihabara Station.

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Bonson Lam a week ago
The thought of being in a stylish and relaxing Italian bar with a seaside vibe at the back of Akihabara is amazing. And that pizza has my name on it.... love to grab a bite now!
Sleiman Azizi a week ago
You know I love my pizza :D