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Alishan Park

Hang out, learn, connect over good wholesome food.

Alishan Cafe's red barn is an iconic building ideally located a short distance from the foot of Mt. Hiwada. The building also marks one of the access points to Kinchakuda, a purse shaped field outlined by the winding Koma River. To vegans and vegetarians in Japan, Alishan is a trusted name for wholesome organic food stuff since the 1980s and many make a deliberate trip to Hidaka, Saitama to lunch at the cafe and stock up on pantry essentials.

This July 15, 2022, Alishan is opening Alishan Park, a cafe right next to one of Tokyo's most popular green areas, Yoyogi Park. Alishan Park upholds the Alishan philosophy of connecting people and sharing good sustainable food, but with a markedly hip and casual Tokyo vibe.

Eye-catching bright green building
Eye-catching bright green building

The bright green building is impossible to miss. On the ground floor is the shop where you can buy Alishan's most popular packaged products including the best peanut butter on the planet, dried fruits, nuts, seasoning and snacks, as well as original baked goodies that you can take to Yoyogi Park for your picnic. The ground floor also has a cafe that serves breakfast (cafe opens at 7:30 in the morning!) and is one of the few places to grab a healthy meal to start your day. The lunch and afternoon tea menu, just like the breakfast menu, only use carefully selected organic ingredients from around the world. Fresh vegetables are sourced from Alishan's partner farmers.

Stock up on organic pantry essentials
Stock up on organic pantry essentials

The second floor is a relaxing eat-in space that overlooks the soothing green of Yoyogi Park. This space will eventually be used for events.

Alishan Park promises to be a new hub in the city where people can hang out, learn, connect, and have fun together over good wholesome food.

Getting there

Alishan Park is about a 6 minute walk from Exit 3 of Yoyogi-koen Station served by the Chiyoda Line. At the exit, turn left and walk along the main road (the main Yoyogi Park will be on your right hand side and there will be pockets of park on your left side). Alishan Park is a bright green building on your left side and is impossible to miss.

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Terrie Lloyd a year ago
I was just there this morning. Steady flow of customers. I heard that they can sit about 50 people. Cafe is well stocked and quite delicious.
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Well then, there's a thumbs up validation.
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Another plus for the area around Yoyogi Park.

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