Park Side Burger Shop Arms

Freshly made, fabulous food in a vintage atmosphere

By Nicole Bauer    - 3 min read

This little burger shop has it all: handmade delicious food, nice décor, friendly service and a very relaxed atmosphere. In truth, it wasn't actually the idea of having a burger that draw my attention to this little place, but the look of the shop and the gorgeous smell of freshly grilled meat that struck me as I was passing by.

The front of the shop is completely open, in a way that the two tables closest to the street seem to be placed outside. Being able to sit outside is not the most common thing in Tokyo, so this already feels very special. I love the antique furniture and decoration, which give this place a very individual and vintage look and feel. Arms is popular with a very diverse crowd: Japanese and foreigners alike, dog lovers, couples and families with kids. The atmosphere slightly changes depending on the day and the kind of people who are there, but it always remains casual and friendly—you almost feel at home.

Every single burger is freshly prepared in the open kitchen. The meat is lean and the seasoning perfect. A fantastic homemade tomato-onion salsa is the key for a quite juicy and unique taste. The bread is always fresh and sprinkled with sesame seeds - a treat for the eyes as well. The Avocado Burger, my personal favorite, comes with five-six slices of perfectly ripe avocado, beautifully arranged on top of the patty, yummy! Every now and then they create a burger special. When I was there last time I had a celery & honey mustard burger, absolutely delicious as well. If you are more into salads, try the Popeye salad: baby spinach and iceberg leaves with crispy bacon, red onion, fresh mushrooms and Japanese dressing—what a perfect combination!

It is a tiny shop, just about six tables, and it can get quite busy, especially during the weekend, when Yoyogi Park visitors come over for lunch. In this case, the staff put out a waiting list in front of the shop, one for eat-in and one for take-out. Just put your name on the list accordingly and they will call you as soon as they are ready to take your order. If you don`t want to wait, try the separate take-out and delivery branch just a five minute walk away.

In the evenings it is usually quiet—perfect for chilling out after a busy day. Luckily I do not live far away from this place, so I am probably one of their most regular customers. In case you see me there, feel free to come over and I will buy you a drink!

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Kim 3 months ago
One of our favorite burger places in Tokyo!