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King Tacos in Kin Town

Simple and delicious taco rice in Kin Town

King Tacos is a legendary Japanese Mexican restaurant located in Kin Town on the main island of Okinawa. It is best known as the birthplace of taco rice. Taco rice is a fusion of Mexican and Japanese food created by Matsuzo Gibo, who came up with the original dish in 1984 at his restaurant Parlor Senri also in Kin Town. As Kin Town is close to the U.S. military base at Camp Hansen, Gibo supposedly created taco rice as an alternative to tacos for his predominantly American soldier clientele. Another rumor is that using rice instead of taco shells was a cheaper alternative leading to the creation. Taco rice is a simple but delicious dish consisting of ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes served on white rice. Its popularity has soared since its creation and it can be found on menus throughout Okinawa and greater Japan. Parlor Senri closed in 2015, but the original secret recipe was kept alive by his family at King Tacos, a chain of restaurants across Okinawa island.

The restaurant menu has both taco rice and tacos as well as burgers, fried rice, and fried chicken. Hamburger on rice and french fries are also available. The taco rice can be customized to add cheese, lettuce or both. The salsa is not too spicy. Everything is inexpensive and the portions are generous. This is fast food comfort food at its best. Orders can be selected at a ticket machine. There is seating in the restaurant upstairs or at a few outdoor tables outside the restaurant.

King Tacos is in downtown Kin town. It is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.  There is pay parking nearby. King Tacos has many other branches throughout Okinawa, including in Ginowan, Uruma, and Kitanakagusuku. It is worth trying taco rice at one of the restaurants for a taste of Okinawan soul food from the originators.

Getting there

King Tacos is in Kin Town

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