Fukuyama Castle Park 12

Fukuyama Castle Park

Fukuyama Castle Park is large enough to hold a castle and three museums. It is conveniently located in front of the Fukuyama Station...

Hiroshima 2
Matsuyama's seaside 10

Matsuyama's seaside

Matsuyama, the capital of the Ehime prefecture, has some of the most impressive beaches in Japan, which remain unknown for most..

Ehime 1
Matsuyama Castle in Photos 10

Matsuyama Castle in Photos

Matsuyama Castle is located on top of a hill right in the city center. From its tower, visitors can enjoy an bird's eye view..

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Kure "Yamato" Maritime Museum 13

Kure "Yamato" Maritime Museum

Yamato, the biggest battleship ever built, was sunk by American aircraft during the suicide operation Ten-Go. Kure's Maritime..

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