Canyoning in Chichibu

First descent

By C. Rio    - 1 min read

Working as a canyon guide, you tend to get bored of guiding the same canyons day in and day out. So when a fellow guide asked if I wanted to check out a new possible course, I jumped at the opportunity. We met up outside of Tokyo and made the long drive to the Chichibu/Yamanashi border. Exploring new canyons involves a lot of internet research and map reading before you get wet. Most times you arrive not knowing what to expect. This time was no different; instead of the expected 5 meter falls, our first decent was a 25 meter beautiful double waterfall.  We spent the day immersed in moss covered rock and cascading lines of water.

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C. Rio

C. Rio @matthew.shewchuk

Based out of Minakami, where I work as a canyoning guide.  I love hiking and am always looking to the skies for good weather.