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Flea Market at Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

A monthly flea market in a scenic park

Venue: Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park When: Feb 22nd - Feb 23rd 2024
Notice: While this event is confirmed, outdoor events can be subject to sudden cancellation or postponement due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Our listings are only updated periodically, so please check the official site closer to any event if you wish to attend.

Note as of September 1, 2021: This event has been suspended indefinitely due to the pandemic.

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park hosts a flea market monthly, weather permitting. The market does not go ahead when it is raining or if there is any weather warnings in place. Furthermore, from 2021 you have to book in advance to visit the flea market as they are only allowing a certain amount of shoppers in each time. The flea market is held on the main avenue of the park, and there are generally about 200 stalls. The event is organized and run by Recycle Man who manages about 30 flea markets monthly in Saitama, Chiba, and Tokyo.

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park is a beautifully landscaped park with great facilities for families. The Tokorozawa Aviation Museum is also on the grounds. The park hosts several events monthly. Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park is relatively close to the new Tokorozawa Sakura Town and the permanent TeamLab outdoor exhibition 'Digitized Nature'. Combine a visit to a traditional Japanese flea market and a typical Japanese park with a visit to a modern entertainment hot spot and an atypical park for a rounded day trip to Saitama!

Getting there

The park is approximately 6 kilometers from the Tokorozawa Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway along route 463. There is parking on the North, South and East sides of the park.

The nearest station is Seibu Shinjuku line’s Kuukou Park station. The number 5 entrance / exit to the park on the west side.


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Elizabeth S 3 years ago
The Recycleman website lists locations all over the Kanto region. That’s a great find!
Lynda Hogan Author 3 years ago
I had a stall with them a few times, here in Tokorozawa and a couple of other locations. It was around 2006 so I unfortunately don't remember much! Except that it was easier to organize than expected.