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Oga Peninsula
Discover the legend of the Namahage
A Healing Trip in Akita
Nourishment for body and soul
I recommend Akita to those who had been to Japan a few times and are trying to seek for a deeper Japan experience in their next journey. In Akita, you can enjoy hot springs, join the festivals, learn the local culture and appreciate its natural beauty. I am sure you will have a memorable and unforgettable journey here.
Getting From Tokyo to Akita
A Brief Transportation Guide
A brief guide to various transportation options from Tokyo to Akita and back.
The Akita Nairiku Line in Winter
Going slow through the snow
Take a ride through a rural snowscape and discover the magic of rural Japan along the Akita Nairiku Line.
Akita Kanto Festival
One of the three tanabata festivals
The Kanto Matsuri is also known as the pole lantern festival. It is a Tanabata related celebration in Akita City held annually from August 3rd to 6th.
Yokote Kamakura Festival
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Every February, Akita's Yokote transforms into a fairytale landscape dotted with igloo-like structures in a festival dating back 400 years.
Hotel Metropolitan Akita
Spacious rooms and a great night sleep
Metropolitan Akita is a three star hotel next to the Akita Station. I had a pleasure to stay in this very comfortable place and I slept extremely well on their perfectly firm bed.
Akita Prefectural Central Park
A countryside oasis for outdoor recreation
Located about 30 minutes from downtown Akita City, this Olympic-esque park contains a wide variety of recreational facilities. Witness sporting events here where Japanese youth from across the prefecture compete.
A 300 year-old temple in Akita
The main hall at Tentoku-ji is only open one day of the year. At 300 years old, this temple is filled to the brim with history, at one point having housed a local damiyo (great feudal lords who were vassals of the shogun and were owners of private land) and the Sakata Clan.
Dakigaeri Gorge
Easy hiking in a stunning valley
Dakigaeri Gorge offers visitors stunning views of mountains, waterfalls and an iridescent blue river from the easy-to-walk hiking path that runs through the gorge.
Found: 157 results