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Akita Tour and Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival
Candle-lit snow houses melt your winter blues away
Winter Bonden Festival in Daisen
Portable shrines carried across a river to a mountain
A winter festival to bring good luck and prosperity in Daisen
Lake Towada
One of Tohoku's most beautiful spots
Lake Towada sits on the border of Aomori and Akita Prefectures and is one of Tohoku's most beautiful spots.
Nishinomiya Clan Ancestral Museum
Discover the beauty of a traditional samurai house
If you are visiting Kakunodate, do not rush straight to the Bukeyashiki Street (famous Samurai House Street). Be sure to make a stop in the unique Nishinomiya Clan Ancestral Museum. It is more quiet than main tourist attractions and it is surrounded by a stunning garden. The main house and five warehouses built in early 1900's, have now been restored bringing back the luxury of Taisho era.
Kanto Festival Centre
Learn more about Japanese festivals in Akita
Anyone who have ever attended any Japanese festival, knows too well that it can be very confusing. Colorful kimonos and glittering lanterns can be all very exciting, but it would be nice to understand exactly where the traditions come from and what are the rituals about. Kanto Festival Center talks mainly about three biggest festivals- Bonden Festival, Tsuchizaki Shinmeisha Festival and Kanto Festival, which is the biggest of them.
Cycling in Kakunodate
The samurai and the monkey handler
Part of the charm of visiting an old town like Kakunodate is to slow down to the pace of life here. When you put off the stresses of urban life and breathe in the mountain air, you can sense the peace and tranquility of the old houses and gardens that dot this town.
The Cruise Ship Port of Akita
Series: Cruise Ports of Japan
Did you know you can visit Akita by cruise ship? Akita's port is close to the Selion Tower, with views from the mountains to the sea. There are direct buses to Akita City and Akita Station, the gateway to Shirakami Sanchi National Park and the Hot springs at Tazawako.
Spring in Kakunodate
Song of a thousand hues of cherry blossoms
At the end of a long winter, the folk in Kakunodate welcome the first cherry blossoms of spring with a joy in their heart. People come out of hibernation and the streets are filled with rickshaws taking visitors to the best hanami spots along the Hinokinai River. The level laneways between the station and the old town are relatively car free and makes for a great day trip from Akita or Sendai.
Discover Japan's Roots in Akita
Tazawako and Semboku, where hospitality meets adventure
Semboku City and the nearby Towada region highlight some of the very best the northeast Tohoku region has to offer. With a world class ski resort,  traditional festivals. samurai history, and soothing hot springs, busy travelers are welcomed to Akita with an adventure filled with leisure. 
Hotel Wellness Yokoteji
Lovely onsen hotel with outstanding service
Hotel Wellness Yokoteji: First class hotel with outstanding service in Yokote, Akita Prefecture
Found: 153 results