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Kokura Castle Complex
Kitakyushu’s historic centerpiece
Kokura, the center of Kitakyushu, boasts Kokura Castle, the castle's Japanese Garden, a major shopping mall, a market, and several festivals.
Kego Shrine and Park
A place to relax in busy Tenjin

Kego Shrine and Park are calm anchors in the lively neighborhood of Tenjin and invite you to sit down for lunch or a coffee.

Yanagibashi Market
Yanagibashi Market, aka "Fukuoka’s Kitchen"
Yanagibashi Market, also known as “Fukuoka’s Kitchen” has the freshest fish Fukuoka can offer, as well as many specialty shops exclusive to this historic market.
Japan to Busan
Cruise from Japan for adventure in bustling Busan
Japan to Busan by sea for a day in South Korea
HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami
A perfectly located hotel for Fukuoka travel

Enjoying a central location just five minutes from major tourist sites in all directions, HOTEL MYSTAYS Fukuoka-Tenjin-Minami is a great choice of accommodation for your stay in Fukuoka.

Hina Dolls at the Ohana Villa
A beautiful display for Girls' Day in Yanagawa
The Ohana Villa, a samurai mansion in central Yanagawa, offers visitors the opportunity to see beautiful displays of Hina dolls and the city's unique sagemon mobiles during the months of February and March.
Viewpoint, Shimakeya
A rocky, but people-less clear water beach
A quiet rocky beach near Keya Beach in Itoshima, void of people even on hot summer days. 
Old Akizuki Castle Town
Asakura's quiet historic center
Akizuki, the historic center of Asakura in Fukuoka Prefecture, makes for a pleasant stroll among old buildings, shops, cafes, and remnants of the castle.
My Neighborhood's Summer Festival
Ninomiya Shrine in Imajuku, Fukuoka
Local neighborhood summer shrine festival in Imajuku, Fukuoka, Japan. Community gathering includes portable shrines, glowing paper lanterns, a ring of reeds, performances, food and games.
Hydrangeas at Senko-ji
Rainy season blooms in rural Kurume
Senkoji Temple in Kurume welcomes visitors each June with thousands of hydrangea bushes.
Found: 209 results