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The Mysterious Wonder Museum
An abandoned warehouse with maids and weird things
A handpicked display of Japan's eerie, creepy, and crawly subculture artwork and sculpture, in the mountains of southern Fukuoka.
Senbutsu Limestone Cave
Hiraodai Karst Plateau’s underground river adventure
Wade through a river of twists and turns in an ancient limestone cave in Kitakyushu.
Japanese Archery at Kokura Castle
Kyudo masters show the Way
Authentic kyudo, the Japanese martial art of archery, in all its finery at Kokura Castle
Mojiko Retro Nightscape
Enjoy some great views of a gorgeous harbor
Gorgeous night views of Mojiko Retro from atop the observatory
Hakata Christmas Market
Enjoy Christmas festivities at the City of Light
Enjoy the great Christmas festivities and lights at the Hakata Christmas Market right outside JR Hakata Station
Yawata Steel Works
The site chosen for Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution
Visit a UNESCO World Heritage site and learn about the role Kitakyushu played in Japan's rise in modern industrialization
Crossing Japan via Railway
From Fukuoka to Hokkaido via Tokyo
A brief photo exploration of the experience you could have while exploring the length of Japan via train.
Hanami at Nishi Park
Enjoy cherry blossoms in downtown Fukuoka
Mengekijo Genei Ramen in Fukuoka
The drama of eating ramen in a theatre-like setting
Eating ramen never felt so dramatic! visiting Mengekijo Genei for a theatrical ramen meal in Fukuoka.
Ivorish in Fukuoka
Delicious French toast in Kyushu's largest city
Ivorish is a specialty French toast restaurant located in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka.
Found: 207 results