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The Different Styles of Sake
Did you think that Sake was all the same?
While you may think of sake as a clear, colorless beverage with a water-like appearance, this is far from the case! Sake comes in many forms, from fresh to aged, still to sparkling, clear to cloudy, sweet to savory. Read on to find out more about five of the different kinds of specialty sake that you will encounter!
How to Serve Sake
Sake can be enjoyed in a wide range of vessels!
Three different receptacles for serving sake. Choosing your vessel is part of the fun!
Hanasajiki in Spring
Witness Awaji's Flower Gallery turn to gold
Make a stop at Hanasaijiki on your flower pilgrimage to Awaji Island.
The Harima Cycling Paradise
Harima – the new cycling destination of Japan
Eight cities and towns in the Harima Province will eventually be connected with cycling routes in the hope of promoting cycling tourism in the local area.
Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden
Outdoor flower garden and ropeway with a view of Kobe
Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is a nice place to walk and enjoy seasonal flowers, a waterfall, and the view of Kobe City.
Charming Water Lilies
At an indoor pond at the Kobe Animal Kingdom
The photos of water lilies of different sorts and colors that grow in the indoor pond at the Kobe Animal Kingdom.
Nada no Kenka
Himeji's fighting floats festival
Nada no Kenka is a festival in Himeji celebrated every year on October 14 and 15. A dangerous, but very colourful and vibrant festival. A must see festival in Japan.
Kobe Owl Cafe
Barn owls, tawny owls, digger owls, eagle owls and more
Are you in Kobe? Do you want to spend some time with some owls in a owl cafe? There is one such place on Kobe's Motomachi! Come check it out!
Nishimuraya Honkan in Hyogo Prefecture
Kinosaki Onsen's most luxurious ryokan lodging
Ako: Castle of the 47 Samurai
Impressive ruins in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture
Ako Castle, completed in 1648, is known for its association with the feudal lord, Naganori Asano, whose death was avenged by 47 of his samurai - one of Japan's most famous stories.
Found: 248 results