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Green India
The best curry around
Green India is a delicious North Indian curry restaurant in Mure Town, Takamatsu.
Shikoku-Mura in Autumn
Autumn leaves and traditional houses
In Shikoku Mura, a park of relocated historical buildings near Takamatsu in Japan's Kagawa prefecture, bright autumn leaves can be found even in mid-December.
Highway To Heaven at Konpirasan
Where dogs are henro pilgrims too
Konpirasan, or the Kotohira Shrine is a steep climb that does take you to heaven, because of all the beauty you find, both along the way and at the top.
The Yashima Plateau
Spend a day exploring historic Yashima
Yashima is a plateau in Takamatsu City with a long history. There are shrines, a temple, a castle ground, hiking paths, and plenty of places to get stunning views of the surrounding area.
Naoshima Island
An artistic escape
Naoshima Island is located in the Seto inland sea and is accessible via ferry from Uno Station. Benesse House, Lee Ufan and Chichu Art Museums challenged my basic concepts of art. These museums enable visitors to be present in the art itself through reflections and shared space.
Santa's Diner
A great burger joint in Yashima
A nice, simple diner-style burger joint in the Yashima area of Takamatsu. Great flavor, great price, and a robust menu of that delicious stuff you have been craving.
Tsushima no Miya Festival
A shrine and train station only open once a year
A two day festival held every year. The local train station is also only open during the festival, Tsushima no Miya Station. The festival centers around a shrine on a tiny island connected to the mainland by a 250m bridge that is also opened only for the festival (the boards of the bridge are actually removed for most of the year).
Zentsuji Temple
Birthplace of Ohenro
Experience the birthplace of one of Japan's most renowned Buddhist monks.
A Half Day in Naoshima
Short on time? Naoshima can be done in half a day.
Are you short on time, but staying near Uno Port or Okayama, and you want to visit one of the art islands? Are you unsure of the next time you'll be in Japan, and want to visit either Naoshima, or Teshima, or Shodoshima, etc., I can assure you that if you'd be willing to choose one island out of the many choices, you will be able to complete a brief tour of the island in about half a day!
Miyanoura Gallery 6
Former pachinko parlour turned contemporary art gallery
Naoshima's former pachinko parlor transformed into contemporary art gallery
Found: 109 results