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Completing the Shikoku Henro at Okuboji Temple 88.
Takamatsu Temple Countdown
Old Tiger Henro 13
The last few temples before completing the Henro might be the toughest.
Milano no Okazuyasan
A bargain Italian restaurant in downtown Takamatsu
Milano no Okazuyasan is a great Italian restaurant in downtown Takamatsu. Family run with a wide menu and generous portions, you get a great value here. The fettuccine, salad dressing, bread, and many of the desserts are fresh-made throughout each day.
Take 5
Great burger bar in the heart of Takamatsu
Take 5 is a delicious little burger cafe in the heart of Takamatsu City. Possibly the best burger to be had in the city and located in the center of town, near Marugamemachi Green and the post office in the Kataharamachi area of downtown.
Hiking Yashima Plateau
A great way to get some exercise and get out in nature
Yashima Plateau is the biggest green space in central Takamatsu and it has a great trail for short day hikes.
Utazu's Temples of Love
Old Tiger Henro 12
Utazu has two sides, one with wedding chapels and the other with old temples. Both are temples of love, just different sorts.
In and Around Takamatsu
Explore scenic Kagawa prefecture from its main city
In Kagawa prefecture on Japan's Shikoku island, Takamatsu is a lively, interesting city with interesting sights and scenery around it.
Marugame's Nakatsu Banshoen
An impressive garden hidden in Kagawa Prefecture
Nakatsu Banshoen is an often-missed Japanese garden not far from Marugame Castle, in Kagawa Prefecture. Dating back to 1688, it contains a walking path around a lovely pond, a gallery/museum, and a restaurant.
Nirvana in Kagawa
Old Tiger Henro 10
Nirvana in Kagawa is the end of the Henro, but what it leads on to is also important.
Cycling in Teshima
Island Hopping in Japan's Mediterranean
The bike ride from Ieura Port to remote south coast takes less than an hour on an electric bicycle. Once you leave the township, there is only one road that snakes through the tree studded hills. Soon the trees fall away and a beautiful vista opens up. You can see kites circling over the wind currents on one side, while keeping an eye for the odd deserted temple on the other side. The roadside strawberry stalls and art installations will conspire to slow you down, and unlike the minibuses that circle the island, you can stop and take it all in, as many times as you like.
Found: 109 results