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Isso Beach, Yakushima
Beautiful beach in northern part of famous island
Stunning Yakushima Beach: Isso Beach. Plan a trip now!
Kanehama Coast
The forgotten beginning of the American Occupation
Japan may be a gold mine for hidden historical gems and local secrets that your average tourist will not stumble upon, but Kanehama Coast in the quaint Takasu fishing hamlet of Kanoya City is a special place.
Makurazaki Port
Largest Producer of Dried Bonito Flakes in Japan
Makurazaki City is the southern-most tip of the Satsuma Hanto Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is the largest producer of katsuobushi.
Tsukiyomi Shrine
Enjoy an amazing view of Sakurajima
Visit Tsukiyomi Shrine at the foot of Sakurajima and get rewarded with an amazing view of the volcano.
Eating 'Black Pork' in Kagoshima
Enjoy the regional specialty kurobuta at Ichiniisan
Try the regional specialty of Kagoshima, enjoying tender and juicy black pork with steamed vegetables and tofu at Ichiniisan.
Dormy Inn Kagoshima
Relax in an outdoor bath after sightseeing
Stay at Dormy Inn Kagoshima and enjoy a great location close to the main station and with easy access to the ferry terminal!
Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots
A museum commemorating Japan's suicide pilots
Learn more about the life and death of a kamikaze pilot at the Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots in Kagoshima's Chiran town.
Kagoshima City View Bus
The best way to get around the city's sights
Shuttling around Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu island, the City View Bus is a convenient, inexpensive, sightseeing service, connecting many of the city's historical sights and places of interest.
Yakusugi Land, Yakushima
Immerse yourself in the untouched ancient forest
Yakusugi Land is a 'Natural Recreation Forest' on Yakushima, an island south of Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu, where you can explore a deeply atmospheric, untouched forest and find trees that are thousands of years old.
Hotel Gasthof, Kagoshima
European charm meets Japanese value
In the centre of Kagoshima on Japan's westerly Kyushu island, Hotel Gasthof is full of middle-European charm and character, but with the low prices and attentive service of a Japanese business hotel.
Found: 88 results