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Mt. Miyanoura in Yakushima
A 6-hour hike to the summit
Mt. Miyanoura is a great -- but grueling hike -- in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Yakushima.
Kagomma Yataimura
An array of Kagoshima specialties in cozy quarters
Kagomma Yataimura offers diners the chance to try Kagoshima specialties in cozy food stalls a stone's throw from Kagoshima-Chuo station.
Ryokan Ginsyo
A taste of heaven in Ibusuki
Soak in the views of Kagoshima Bay while simultaneously soaking in a rooftop onsen at Ryokan Ginsyo in Ibusuki
Cape Nagasakibana
The southernmost point of the Satsuma Peninsula
A beautiful view of the tip of the Satsuma Peninsula.
Flower Park Kagoshima
Flowers for all seasons in southern Kyushu
Flowers bloom all seasons on the tip of the Satsuma Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Searching for Ryoma 3: Kirishima
Mt. Kirishima, where Ryoma Sakamoto honeymooned!
Ryoma Sakamoto Series 3: Mt. Kirishima and Kirishima Shrine are the places Ryoma Sakamoto visited with his wife. They are located in Kagoshima, and this trip was the first honeymoon ever made by Japanese couple in Japan's history!
Kagoshima City Museum of Art
A wide range of art in a relaxing atmosphere
In the center of Kagoshima on Japan's western Kyushu island, the City Museum of Art is home to a wide range of art, by both Japanese and internationally known artists.
Donto Izakaya, Kagoshima
Cheap food and drinks in a lively atmosphere
In Kagoshima on Japan's western Kyushu island, Donto is a typical cheap'n'cheerful Japanese izakaya dining bar, with a lively atmosphere and inexpensive food and drink.
Shunsai Tokitei Izakaya, Miyanoura
Tasty, hearty food and drinks
In Miyanoura on the rainforest island Yakushima, south of Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu island, Shunsai Tokitei is a fun, lively neighborhood izakaya, serving generously sized, reasonably priced food, including delicious, fresh local seafood.
Nagashima Museum, Kagoshima
A range of art in a museum with a view
In Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu island, the Nagashima Museum has an interesting, varied collection of artworks, and also commands a great view over the city, bay and volcano of Sakurajima.
Found: 88 results