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Tsunuki Distillery Festival 2024

Explore all things sake in Kagoshima

Venue: Tsunuki Distillery When: Mid Nov 2024

If you have an interest in what happens behind the scenes of liquor making, the Tsunuki Distillery Festival in Kagoshima is an event worth checking out. The festival includes a variety of ways to connect with the area's brewing culture, such as informative lectures from distillery staff and shochu brewery tours.

The event is designed to be enjoyed by both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers alike. Even if you don't drink you may appreciate other elements that are highlighted at the festival, such as the history and the dedication to craftsmanship that liquor making involves.

The event allows visitors to explore behind the scenes of liquor making
The event allows visitors to explore behind the scenes of liquor making (Photo: Honbo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.)

There will be food and drink vendors on site, so bring yen if you plan on making a purchase. In addition, commemorative liquor bottles will be sold via a lottery system.

Getting there

Tsunuki Distillery can be conveniently accessed via a shuttle service from Kaseda Bus Terminal in Minamisatsuma City, and bus timetable information can be found here. For those who opt to drive to the venue, free on-site parking is available.

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