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Exotic coastline in Miyazaki
An Adventure to Udo's Cave Shrine
A cave shrine well off the beaten track
An adventure to a small cave shrine within the grounds of Miyazaki's Udo Jingu. Uncrowded bliss!
Aoshima's Hidden Japanese Garden
This unknown Japanese garden guarantees peace of mind
In the prefecture of Miyazaki, Aoshima's hidden Japanese garden will take you to a traditional Japanese world full of kimonos, carp, and bamboo.
The Susuki Plain of Kirishima
An autumn hike between volcanoes
Beautiful grasses grace this scenic area of the Ebino Plateau between volcanoes in Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park.
Byakushi Pond
An autumn hike along the Ikemeguri Nature Trail
Hiking through the forest of red pines around a volcanic lake is the first leg of the Ebino Kogen Ikemeguri Nature Trail in Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park, Miyazaki.
Would you like to go back in time and see how samurais and their families used to live? If you visit the Miyazaki Shrine Forest, you will have this chance.
A Stroll around Heiwadai Park
A peaceful oasis in Miyazaki City
Enjoy a relaxing wander around the peaceful Heiwadai Park
Guesthouse Heiwa
A comfortable base for exploring Miyazaki City
If you’re looking for somewhere comfortable and reasonably priced to stay whilst in the city, a good option is Guesthouse Heiwa.
Miyakonojo History Museum
Discovering the aesthetic elements of Miyakonojo
Miyakonojo museum will leave you wanting to learn more about the prefecture after bathing in its peaceful aura.
Udo Jingu Miyazaki
A beautiful journey along the Nichinan Coast
Udo Jingu Miyazki, a mythical Shinto Shrine surrounded by beautiful scenery
Found: 58 results