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Obi Castle
The 'Little Kyoto’ of Kyushu
Sakamoto Rice Terraces
One of Japan's 100 prettiest rice paddies
Wander among the terraced rice paddies of Miyazaki's interior outside the castle town of Obi
Nature of Ebino Kogen Campground
Autumn pines, mosses, grasses, and a beetle
Close-up photographs of the natural world within a Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park campground in autumn. Japanese red pines, mosses, grasses, and a beetle are featured.
A Monument for Kamikaze Pilots
The Secret Behind the Miyazaki Airport
There is a monument for kamikaze pilots behind the modern Miyazaki Airport. A very unnoticed place but worth a visit.
The Miyazaki Shrine Forest - Part 3
The Gokoku Shrine of Miyazaki Prefecture
The Gokoku Shrine or “the Shrine for the Protection of the Nation” is a shrine dedicated to Japanese soldiers killed in combat.
The Miyazaki Shrine Forest - Part 2
The Gosho Inari Shrine
The Gosho Inari Shrine is dedicated to the Shintoist God Inari, the God of success in business.
Udo Jingu: a rather unusual shrine
A cave shrine with dramatic sea views
Udo Jingu: a shrine built inside a cave overlooking the sea
Takachiho Gorge
A site of overwhelming natural beauty
Takachiho Gorge, rarely visited by foreign tourists, is a natural wonder hidden away in Kyushu
Brown Drop
Organic coffee shop on Miyazaki's main street
A nice place to drop by for coffee
Bokusui Koen
Poet's birthplace the perfect getaway
Shochu-loving poet's birth village beckons with its simple charm
Found: 53 results