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Oita Stadium

With a capacity to seat 40,000 and a fully retractable roof, Oita Stadium stands ready to welcome spectators for the 2019 Rugby World Cup matches. The..

Old Hamawaki Station 8

Old Hamawaki Station

Scott Brause

The hot spring town of Hamawaki no longer exists, but the little train station that served it in its days of glory is still there,..

Oita 7
Othello Coffee Roasters 8

Othello Coffee Roasters

Kim B

If you're a coffee lover, Othello Coffee Roasters in Beppu is a must. Excellent coffee, home baked sweet treats, and a trendy..

Oita 5
Yufuin no Mori

Yufuin no Mori

Jaime Wong

Ride the special train Yufuin no Mori from Beppu to Yufuin to enjoy a unique train experience

Oita 2
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