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Joukyou-ji Temple in Utsunomiya
A peaceful temple with some unusual statues
In Utsunomiya, a city north of Tokyo in Japan's Tochigi prefecture, Joukyou-ji is a small but attractive Buddhist temple.
Colors of Nikko National Park
Japan's most lavishly decorated temples & shrines
Photos of many details of the temples and shrines of Nikko National Park.
Texture and pattern at Tōshō-gū
Focusing on detail at Nikko's most famous shrine
Focusing on the mix of decorative patterns and natural textures at Nikko's most famous shrine, Tōshō-gū.
A Day in Nikko
A train from Tokyo puts you in a city of shrines
Tired of Tokyo? Head north to Nikko, home of Toshogu, Japan's most lavishly decorated shrine.
Nikko’s Senjo-ga-hara Marsh
Beauty and nature all around
Come and visit Nikko’s beautiful Senjo-ga-hara Marsh were you can experience some truly wonderful picturesque scenery and get up close with the best that nature has to offer
Early Morning on Lake Yunoko
Nikko’s more peaceful lake
Experience a more relaxing side to Nikko alongside the picturesque shores of Lake Yunoko which even despite its popularity, still manages to maintain some sense of peace and tranquility
Family-Friendly Epinard Nasu
A resort that keeps kids in mind
Kids are well-catered to at Epinard Nasu, a resort in the highlands of Tochigi Prefecture.
Leisure Pool & Onsen, Moka, Tochigi
South end of 'the park that has it all'
The wood-paneled changing room here is spacious with plenty of blow driers and the showers with lightly scented shampoo and soap. The pool has lots of massage jets. Heat up even more in an aroma steam room or the adjacent hot tub.
Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts
Art, a relaxing cafe, and western-style souvenirs!
Tochigi Prefecture Museum is barrier-free (slopes, elevators, washrooms), open and bright. Even if you are not an art-lover, you may want to visit to pick up Japanese art souvenirs, or for a relaxing lunch, tea, coffee or dessert.
Glass-enclosed Pool Under Dome
Fancy a swim in Utsunomiya? Go to Dream Pool Kawachi!
No matter what the weather, you can refresh at Dream Pool Kawachi. It is under a dome roof, half-encircled by glass. Between the glass and a donut-shaped pool, some deck chairs are set up like at a beach resort.
Found: 285 results