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Spider Lily: Irresistible Seduction

Sultry beauty that runs deep into the veins

When I was writing an another article for Japan Travel at my computer, these flowers with shocking red colors jumped in front of my eyes. They were spider lilies...which have neither branches, leaves, nor joints in their body, but they suddenly stick their stems up from the ground and bloom just for a week. In recent years this flower has been recognized as a garden plant and cross-bred widely, so today, we can not only see red spider lilies but also white, yellow and pink ones...Thoughts like these crossed my mind one after another and I couldn't stand sitting at my computer anymore. Because, the season of it was almost over! It was after midnight, I knew, but I couldn't stop myself. I jumped out of my house, got in the car, and drove to Miyama-town in Kyoto from Osaka, driving back and forth through mountains looking for them, and finally reached the shore of Lake Biwa.

Spider lily, my amorous, sensual lover, who entices me like a drop of aphrodisiac. Around this time every year I remember her, miss her, want to see her, and nothing can stop me from meeting her once again.

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