Shingyo-ji Temple in Mishima

Find serenity and peace at this Buddhist temple

By Peter Sidell   Dec 31, 2018 - 1 min read

If you're in Mishima and heading from the station to Mishima Taisha shrine, then on the way you might stop off at this charming little Buddhist temple.

You'll know it by the cute little statue lurking like a hermit in its alcove close to the gate: then in the grounds there's another serene Buddhist statue close to the worship hall, and more in the graveyard, screened off by trees from the rest of the temple.

Under the eaves of the worship hall there's an impressive carved wooden diorama, a ferocious-looking dragon apparently in earnest conversation with an unflustered Buddhist saint.

And under the beams to the side, there are some other interesting carvings, a mythical lion-like creature to the left, a crane in flight to the right.

Getting there

The temple is about seven or eight minutes' walk south-east of Mishima station, on a little side road off the road following the brook towards Mishima Taisha.

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