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Mt. Konpira & Setogawa Cherry Blossom Festival

Enjoy the beauty of around 1000 sakura trees in bloom

Venue: Shida Riverside Park When: Mar 30th - Mar 31st 2024

Somewhere around 1000 somei yoshino cherry trees fill Mount Konpira and the banks of the Seto River with blossoms during spring, with one of the highlights being a two kilometer-long cherry blossom tunnel – it's said to be the largest sakura tunnel in the Tokai region.

The Mount Konpira and Setogawa sakura festival takes place in late March, and includes taiko drum performances, a stage show, various gourmet foods available to purchase, and a free amazake (sweet sake) service along with the beautiful blossoms to enjoy. The trees will also be illuminated after dark if you'd like to appreciate them in a different way.

One of the highlights is a two kilometer-long sakura tunnel
One of the highlights is a two kilometer-long sakura tunnel (Photo: Fujieda City Hall)

Getting there

The event takes place around the Shida Riverside Park, which can be accessed in around 10 minutes by taxi (or 30 minutes on foot) from JR Fujieda Station (Tokaido Main Line). As the area is expected to be busy during the festival dates, visitors are advised to utilize public transport wherever possible.


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