Kansho-in Temple in Mariko

Visit the statues at this peaceful Shizuoka temple

By Peter Sidell   Dec 5, 2017 - 1 min read

Just up the road from Togeppo Saioku-ji temple, in the hilly district of Mariko a short bus ride from central Shizuoka, Kansho-in is another peaceful Buddhist temple, a nice place to stop off if you're visiting the area.

At the gate you're greeted on the left by a large party of small Buddhist statues, all with unique expressions and poses. Some are cheerful, some stern-faced, standing or sitting or squatting by the wayside, praying or meditating, stretching their arms or scratching their noses: it's a fun, interesting welcome.

As you walk through the gate at the top of the steps, stop and take a look: there are a couple of interesting, intricately detailed wooden carvings above your head, a dragon on one side, a guardian lion on the other.

Then after having climbed all the steps, you'll be ready to rest in the grounds. They're small but pleasant, surrounded by forested hills, which makes for a peaceful atmosphere, along with the compact pond and the small statues dotted around.

Getting there

The temple is about a ten-minute walk from Togeppo Sumpu Takumi-shiku Iriguchi bus stop: there are regular buses from outside the north exit of JR Shizuoka station.

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