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Nitori Shop

Nitori is the IKEA of Japan selling affordable furniture and interior goods. With more than three hundred stores in Japan, and about fifty stores overseas, it is a great place to shop, not only for those setting up home in Japan, but also for short term residents, or even tourists looking to buy souvenirs.

Shambles Handmade Accessories

Master jeweler and craftsman, Hiroyuki Ohara creates contemporary accessories and jewelery. His shop, Shambles (シャンブルズ), which doubles as his working studio, is open to the public all days of the week except Wednesday. The accessories, all of which are all made by Ohara-san, are on display, with a range and prices able to suit most budgets and preferences. A resizing service is also available.

Central Park Shopping Center

Central Park underground shopping center is cool in Nagoya’s notoriously hot summer, warm in it’s bitingly cold winters, and dry when the rainy season comes.