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Yuriage Port Market every Sunday provides culinary and foodie fun for local Japanese and tourists alike. It is located in Natori, in Sendai.
Masataka Taketsuru opened his second whisky distillery in Miyagikyo, Sendai in 1969. Today vistors enjoy free tours and samples of whisky that have won several awards.
Appropriately located in Sendai's historic department store Fujisaki, this small shop is the only one in the city that specializes in old and collectible Japanese coins and stamps.
The AER Building is the tallest building in Sendai and offers one of the best views of the downtown area.
This retro shopping arcade dates back to the Showa Period, and hasn't changed much since. Step back in time and explore over a hundred shops and restaurants!
Sho-Kodo Secondhand Bookstore specializes in used and old books. It is located in Sendai on the road leading to the Sendai City Museum and Sendai Castle Site. 
Shiogama Fish Market is an economic symbol of this small port city
Dagashi-ya are shops from the Showa period specializing in cheap snacks and toys. The one in Shiogama offers a few surprises.