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Takino Shrine in Nikko

The Kodane stone famous for easy childbirth

“Takino shrine” was built in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, long before the famous Nikko Toshogu shrine. It is believed that the Kodane stone in the precinct will grant an easy and safe childbirth.

Overall, the precinct has a very nice atmosphere but there is an especially spiritual feeling surrounding the place near the Kodane. Nikko is known as a World Cultural Heritage site but recently, Takino shrine is getting popular as a spiritual place.

Entering the stone gate, you will see the big Kodane stone surrounded by a stone fence. You can pray silently in front of it. After that, by walking clockwise around the stone, it is said that you will be blessed with children.

Kodane means the origin of children in Japanese. There are a lot of small stones which the visitors place as an offering in prayer for an easy delivery. The inscription says “Easy delivery Kodane stone”. You can see that many people have visited the place to wish for a safe childbirth.

Passing the red tower gate and walking further into the precinct, there is the Kedone stone. There is a smaller shrine, called “Takino Inari Shrine” and the Kedone stone is next to the shrine. Also, there is a big stone gate, called “A trial of luck Torii” which is very unique and nearby you can find the “Takino three Japanese cedar”. If you have time, you can look around the precinct and see how big the Takino shrine is.

You can access the shrine through the old Takino Kodo. The road is a stone pavement with many Japanese cedars. There are a few people and you can definitely have a good time there. Also, there is Kodama-do, one of the World Cultural Heritage, near the road and the scenery there is fantastic. Hopefully, you can enjoy your trip in Nikko!

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