Ceremony at Nyoirin-ji Temple

Fire ceremony praying for a healthy year

By Yoshifumi Hara    - 1 min read

Tokushima prefecture used to be called "Awa" until the Edo era. In those days, ships used lights on the mountains to help with navigation. One such light was on Mt. Nakatsu-mine. This mountain is located at the south-east border of Tokushima city. Trees such as maple trees turn their leaves into colorful red and yellow in November. We can enjoy spectacular scenes especially at Nyoirin-ji temple which is located on the mountain. In addition, a fire-ceremony "Ohgoma" is held here in November. It's a ceremony to burn away sins, and pray for a healthy year. For the ceremony, they build up a stage with cedar leaves and logs, and then burn them. Smoke rising from the stage travels among the tress like mist.

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Yoshifumi Hara

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