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Ingrid's International

Tokushima nightclub in Sakaemachi area

If you’re looking for a bit of nightlife in Tokushima, you’ll definitely be heading to Sakae-machi. Known for its nightlife, it has everything you need for a great night out. Off the main strip you’ll find alleyways filled with all sorts of bars and clubs and it’s here that you'll find Ingrid’s.

Having recently celebrated its fourteenth anniversary, this bar has stood the test of time and has built up a loyal base of customers that always make sure the place is jumping.

Ingrid's is well known with the foreigners in Tokushima so if you’re frustrated with your terrible Japanese, you can take a break here from the perils of being misunderstood. You’ll easily be able to make some new friends from the expat community, or the many Japanese that come here to hang out and meet English speakers.

Inside you’ll find some very comfy couches to relax and enjoy a drink from the well stocked bar, but make sure you’ve brought your dancing feet as this place is all about the party. A great sound system pumps upbeat tunes from all over the world, and you can even try your hand at karaoke (free). There is a huge selection of songs to choose from in both Japanese and English. Four big screens and two wireless microphones mean everyone can get into the action and sing along. Put on a classic and you won’t even need the microphone as the whole bar joins in.

Behind the bar is Ingrid herself. Let her dazzle you with her ability to remember your name and what you drink even if she only met you one time months ago. Sometimes you can even coax her out to sing a duet and then you’ll get to see the talent that made her a much sought after club singer in Tokyo. Possibly one of the friendliest bartenders I’ve ever met, she’ll make sure you have a great night and keep you coming back regularly.

Ingrid’s is a place where you know you’ll always have a good time and this place is well into it's second decade of doing just that. What sets this place apart is the comfy couches and room to stretch out--a rarity in a Japanese bar--then there’s still space for a dance floor. So if you’re looking for a great place to party in Tokushima, Ingrid’s International is THE place.

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