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Seafood 'Uo-Roman', Tokushima

Enjoy tasty seafood fresh from Naruto, Tokushima!

Although I grew up in Tokushima, I've been away from it for almost 20 years and every time I visit the place it's a treat to taste the food there. This time, after wandering about at Tokushima Castle Ruins for 3 hours, I went to one of many izakayas in the drinking district in Tokushima and met my old friend. Everywhere you go and anywhere you eat if you are in Tokushima you can rest assured that everything will taste good! Or, I may feel that way because I grew up eating the food of the region... This izakaya, 'Uo-Roman' specializes in fish caught in Naruto, the seaside town renowned for Naruto Whirlpools. The price is around 3,000 yen per person, including lots to drink! Reasonable!

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