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Because dining can also be simple

By Lester Goh    - 3 min read

With nearly 600 outlets in 25 countries, Japan retail giant Muji is known for design minimalism and emphasis on waste reduction and recycling. Applying this philosophy to some 8,000 products from stationery to apparel, food to furniture; a focus on minimal waste and maximum quality has won Muji fans from all over the world.

'Café & Meal MUJI' is the extension of this philosophy into the food and beverage industry. Per Muji, the concept behind the restaurant is "simple food is delicious". To that end, Café & Meal Muji sources fresh, seasonal produce from the region, and creates delicious dishes using simple culinary methods that best brings out their natural goodness. Don't be deceived, though. From tender-broiled summer vegetables to scrumptious sweet-and-sour pork kara-age, the taste of the dishes available at Café & Meal Muji is anything but simple.

Ordering at Café & Meal Muji is also rather unique. Unlike the usual teishoku set menu common in Japan restaurants, customers here get to choose any number of dishes from a wide selection of amazing eats. The dishes are displayed prominently at the counter, classified into hot and cold items, so customers can see what is available today and pick as they fancy. Typical, customers select 3 to 4 dishes, and the meal is completed with a bowl of steaming hot rice or any bun from the adjoining Muji bakery. Still feeling hungry after that? Café & Meal Muji offers many kinds of desserts and breads to be enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

Café & Meal Muji restaurants are almost always found attached to a Muji outlet, and make for a wonderful full-stop to a busy day of shopping. Although there are nearly 600 Muji outlets in the world, Café & Meal Muji is only found in a mere 23 outlets across Japan and 5 outlets outside the country. Most of the restaurants in Japan are found in metropolitan Tokyo and Osaka, and 1 outlet each in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kyoto and Kobe. Please make sure to check the Café & Meal Muji restaurant locator before heading down to the nearest MUJI outlet to you. 

The address linked for this article is Café & Meal Muji Yurakucho, also Muji's flagship store. This is the largest Café & Meal Muji, offering the greatest selection of dishes, an adjoining bakery and a huge Muji food section. If you have time to visit just one Café & Meal Muji, this is the one to go to.

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Olga 3 years ago
This is the first time I've heard that Muji has a cafe. Nice find!