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Cafe Bar Foret in Mori Town

An Infusion of Italian and Japanese tastes

Mori Town in the western part of Tokyo is home to a small town-like shopping center that provides various stores and restaurants in the area. One of the best things about the place is their huge selection of food shops, and that's where we found Cafe Bar Foret. The small Italian restaurant greeted us immediately as we stopped by the entrance to the grounds leading to several other lines of food shops.

Cafe Bar Foret, like the other restaurants in the country has a very pleasant ambience. And while it is labelled Italian, it appeared more Japanese as it feels more relaxed and quiet inside, and not so much like the traditional Italian restaurants where waiters are shouting orders at each other. The restaurant, hence, portrays a more Japanese style but in a much modern concept. And yes, they do serve Italian food but with tastes and presentation mostly infused with the Japanese culture as well.

They have spacious interior enough even to accommodate a baby stroller inside making the place also ideal for parents with kids.

Getting there

Take the train to Akishima Station on JR Ome Line in the western part of Tokyo, and from the station it is a minute or two on foot.