A female salsa band 'Son Reinas' (Photo: Olga Kaneda)

Caribbean / Latin American Festival

Salsa and bachata rhythms in Yoyogi Park

A female salsa band 'Son Reinas' (Photo: Olga Kaneda)
Venue: Kinshi Park in Sumida When: Mid May 2023

Do you like salsa dancing? The Caribbean/Latin American Festival, where you can enjoy live salsa band performances and even dance a little in Kinshi Park, Sumida, is an annual event that's been held every year since 2014. And every year at the festival you can watch the excellent performance of the female salsa band "Son Reinas". The band is rather popular and plays an energetic and lively salsa. I loved the band's leader, Izumi Muramatsu.

Two semi-professional couples were dancing salsa L.A. style on the main stage, and the visitors could dance the bachata on the small stage.

The Caribbean / Latin American Festival is not one of the most popular (read "crowded") festivals in Yoyogi, but it is good to visit if you are a big fan of salsa. As for Latin American food, you can enjoy really good churrasco, tacos, and other spicy food. The Caribbean Latin Bar had some Brazilian Caipirinha, Spanish Sangria, Cuban Mojito, and Mexican Tequila.

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