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d47 Design Travel Store at Shibuya

Shop around the country in one store

The Japanese archipelago winds its way from the snow swept mountains of Hokkaido to the squeaky pristine beaches of sub-tropical Okinawa in the North Pacific Ocean, nurturing a rich collection of regional cultures. d47 takes us on a tour through the 47 prefectures that make up this archipelago. It is a cultural project to record and show those specialties through their publications, store, cafe and museum. The store on the 8th floor of Shibuya Hikarie collects the products from the 47 parts together. In a minute, you can taste each and every regional flavour. The only question is: which one do you want to try first? You can drop in to d47 in the Shibuya Hikarie building, directly connected by walkway to JR Shibuya Station on the second floor. From the subway, take exit 15 and come up on the elevator.

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