BBQ Pulled Pork (Photo: Ellis Kim)
BBQ Pulled Pork (Photo: Ellis Kim)
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Deus Ex Machina [Location Closed]

Icons of Americana

Deus Ex Machina moved to Sumida City, Tokyo. New address.

If you’re craving classic, quality food representative of the U.S., Deus Ex Machina is your kind of place. Located on the corner of a small, gently sloping hill, the black building stands out in the slightly quieter area of Harajuku, a short walk from Takeshita Street and Harajuku Bell Pier. The cafe offers a variety of items, such as BBQ Pulled Pork, Macaroni and Cheese, and even a PB&J. The menu may sound simple, but the food explode with flavors. One of the items we tried was the BBQ Pulled Pork with a tall glass of ginger ale that had a certain kick. The pork had been simmered to perfection and the combination of the micro-greens and the mustard, mayonnaise, and BBQ sauce brought it all together. The Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Chicken was another favorite. The first bite of the broiled chicken, flavored with a blend of spices will make you glad you have more bites to go.

The café has a very casual yet sophisticated vibe that is perfectly represented by the second floor: a room that looks very much like a garage with an open door to the outside. There are several motorcycles lined against the wall and a few tables and a comfy couch in the middle for customers. The third floor serves as a retail store for their motorcycle related clothing, books, and other items on the third floor.

It’s a popular destination among foreigners and the place is English-speaker friendly; the menus are in English and many of the staff members can speak English. Since we’ve entered the hot and humid summer of Tokyo, we recommend you visit Deus Ex Machina in the late afternoon or early evening to enjoy your food and the cool breeze that travels through all the open doors at the café.

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