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Failte Irish Pub and Restaurant

Fun atmosphere, delicious beer, and tasty food

With 8 different types of tap beer, a variety of wines and cocktails, and a wide range of local British Isles cuisine (including the classic dish of fish & chips), Failte Irish Pub and Restaurant is a great place for foreigners to feel at ease and enjoy a meal or a drink. Indeed, the name of the establishment means “welcome” in Gaelic, and owner Takahashi has ensured that this connection is evident every time someone walks through the entrance doors.

You can’t run a successful pub without good beer, and Failte has a selection that is hard to beat. Guinness, London Pride, and Heineken are the most popular draughts, though all available labels are sure to please discerning palates. The London Pride in particular is worth a special trip, as you can’t find it on tap in many Tokyo-area bars. The staff at Failte are passionate about their product and quite knowledgeable. They can help you decide on something suitable if requested, and on occasion they also serve up rare types of alcohol that have been specially imported.

The menu at Failte has been carefully constructed based on how well particular dishes complement the taste of beer, and efforts have been rewarded in a reputation for being one of central Tokyo’s best pub-food destinations. The most popular food item on the menu is probably one of Failte’s famous three kitchen concoctions: Fish & Chips (for which you can choose your favorite from amongst cod, salmon and swordfish), Cottage Pie, or the spectacular Beef in Guinness, which has been slowly cooked and stewed in Ireland’s most beloved brew.

You can enjoy your food and drink in a setting created by Failte’s interior design, which is heavy on woodwork--giving it a stylishly authentic Irish pub atmosphere. Seating is also available out on the terrace.

The music selection at Failte is usually 70’s-90’s rock classics, with live Irish bands entertaining patrons about twice a month. Check the event schedule for details on who and when. A range of seasonal sports, heavy on European football of course, can be seen on the TV monitors around the restaurant.

Overall, Failte offers a fun atmosphere, delicious beer to get the conversation flowing, and tasty food. With these three ingredients, owner Takahashi is constantly striving to improve his pub.

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Anonymous 11 years ago
Went to the Failte yesterday. Nice and cozy, and there was a shamrock carved into the foam on my Kilkenny--barista style. (Hope it shows up in the photo here...

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