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Various Japanese cuisine under one roof in Kayabacho

Fujiro (不二楼) is a mid-range izakaya in Kayabacho with a twist. The unique wooden exterior belies a multi-floor interior dedicated to different palates.

Downstairs is exclusively aimed at yakitori, the second floor serves teppanyaki and tempura, third floor is a dedicated sushi bar, whilst the fourth floor is a members-only bar lounge.

The brainchild of Wakyo Holdings, which runs almost 30 eateries across Japan, Fujiro's name reveals the thinking behind this brand – just like Mount 'Fuji' (富士), there isn't another one quite like it (不二).

Photo: Fujiro

Floor breakdown

Of course, guests are invited to move between floors and would be recommended to do so, with each one heralding a different menu and experience:

  1. Grilled yakitori – Serving brand chicken from across Japan and a special tare sauce with 30 years history, alongside a general menu common to all floors including seasonal vegetables, sashimi, and squid shiokara (fermented guts)
  2. Teppanyaki & Tempura – As well as organic Nukazuke (fermented vegetables in rice bran), a range of ingredients grilled to perfection as well as a vegetarian menu aimed at foreign customers.
  3. Sushi & Nihonshoku – A combination of Edomae sushi, Hakatamae sushi and cured sushi, prepared dexterously by Daisuke Fujinaga (owner of a famous Nishi-Azabu sushi shop) – focus being on the cured sushi with its extra flavour and refined texture. Tables as well as a reservation-only counter are available, with course options.
  4. Members Bar Lounge – A place to enjoy cigars, gin and Nihonshu.

Getting there

Fujiro is a 1 minute walk west of Kayabacho station on the Hibiya and Tozai Line – take Exit 2.

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