Photo: Fukushima Trade Promotion Council

Fukushima Sake Festival in Tokyo

"Arigato" from 54 Breweries and 158 Brands

Aug 4th
Photo: Fukushima Trade Promotion Council
Venue: SL Hiroba When: Friday - Aug 4th 2017, 2:00pm - 9:00pm

On August 3rd-4th, 2017 the “Fukushima Sake Festival” will be held in Shinbashi, Tokyo. Fukushima prefecture wishes to express its appreciation for its supporters. It will do this by offering tastings of its 158 brands from its 54 breweries, live entertainment, and Fukushima foods at a festival setting.

Two months ago the results of the 2016 sake brewing year Annual Japan Sake Awards^ were announced. 30 Fukushima brands won awards, with 22 of those being selected for Gold Prizes. For 5 consecutive years (every year since the Great East Japan Earthquake), Fukushima prefecture has been ranked number one in Japan for the number of Gold Prizes. Visitors can taste these sake as well as a complete range of Fukushima sake at the event.

The event is free to attend. Food and drink tickets can be purchased on the day of the event: 5 for 1000 yen. Or they can be purchased before the event 6 for 1000 yen at the Nihonbashi Fukushima antenna shop: Nihonbashi Fukushima-kan MIDETTE.

What: Fukushima Sake Festival in Tokyo

When: 2017 August 3rd-4th (Thurs/Fri), 14:00-21:00 (last tickets sold at 20:00).

Where: Tokyo, West Exit of JR Shinbashi Station, SL Hiroba.

More information:

Organizer: Fukushima prefecture

Supporting Organizations: Reconstruction Agency, Tokyo Metropolis, Minato ward, New Shinbashi Bldg. Small Business Federation, Tokyo Fukushima Kenjinkai, Fukushima Prefecture Sake Brewers Cooperative, Fukushima Prefecture Tourism & Local Products Association.

^ The Annual Japan Sake Awards is the largest sake competition in Japan, being jointly operated through the National Research Institute of Brewing and the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association. This year is the 105th competition (the first being in 1911). Each brewery may only submit one sake for entry.

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