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Fukushimaya Tasting Market

Finger-licking organic food in Roppongi-Itchome

Fukushimaya Tasting Market is a supermarket in the heart of Tokyo where you can find lots of delicious organic food. Here you can buy products produced by farmers from all over Japan, ready-made deli dishes, and organic goods for your home (for example, a shopping bag or bamboo socks). Synthetic preservatives and synthetic coloring agents are not used. Food items are also marked with Fukushimaya's safety standard marks.

At the cash register, you can buy a cup of freshly brewed coffee at a reasonable price of 100 yen. You will receive a paper cup and can then find the coffee pot next to the microwaves.

As you exit the supermarket, there is a convenient eat-in area where you can eat the treats you just bought. If you prefer craft coffee, you will see a coffee kiosk 'Be a good neighbor' right in front of you. Here you can order a nice cup of hand-dripped or an espresso-based coffee. It is a perfect match for most of Fukushimaya desserts and sweets breads. By the way, fresh desserts are made with farmers milk from Hokkaido.

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