Ginza Theatrical Night Tour

A moving sightseeing tour comes to Tokyo's Ginza

Jan 26th
Jan 29th
Venue: Ginza When: Jan 26th - Jan 29th 2019, 6:00pm - 11:00pm

This immersive sightseeing tour will take place on the streets and in the buildings of night-time Ginza, and will combine the showing of a motion picture and a live theatrical performance to provide a brand new form of entertainment. Its aim is to introduce visiting tourists to the charms of Ginza, and therefore the entire motion picture and theatre will take place in English. The audience will follow the story as they explore Ginza, the heart of Tokyo where retro and cutting-edge cultures meet.

Historical venues and participating organizations include (provisionally) Togeki cinema (the start of the tour), Ginza Kimuraya, GInza Itoya, Okuno Building, Tricolore cafe, Beer Hall Lion Ginza 7chome, Wako department store, PlusTokyo lounge and GSK.

This sightseeing entertainment tour will run across 4 days from Jan 26th–29th, at both 18:00 and 21:00 each night (each time slot lasting approx. 2 hours). Tickets are available on the official web site.

Getting there

Togeki cinema is 1 minute south of Higashi-Ginza station (exit 6 closest), on the Asakusa line and Hibiya line.

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Kim B a year ago
Love this idea! So much great history in Ginza, it's nice seeing it showcased in this kind of way!