Great Food at Andy's Shin Hinotomo

Popular in the tourist books, but is it good?

By Richard Kirchner    - 2 min read

If you're visiting Tokyo there is no shortage of restaurants, and the task of choosing can be a bit daunting. By some estimates there are over 200,000 restaurants in the Tokyo area. Andy's Shin Hinomoto is sure to come up on a search for the best izakayas in Tokyo. But is it just a tourist trap or is it the real thing and worth your time?

Having been there on more than a few occasions, I can say that there is plenty to like about Andy's and I would certainly recommend it if you're in Tokyo for a day or more. But first, let me explain what an izakaya is. An "izakaya" is a place to go enjoy drinks and food, with about an equal weighting factor between the two. An izakaya is almost never upscale. They are places to relax, enjoy good friends and food, drink, and maybe even get a bit loud at times.

Andy's hits on all cylinders - from the food, the atmosphere, the drink, and on being foreigner friendly. Andy is from Britain and you will always see him there at his restaurant. His day starts out as the famous Tsukiji Market where Andy buys the day's menu of fish and vegetables. Having done this for many years, Andy has his choice suppliers. He does not buy farm raised fish, insisting on the freshest, tastiest fish for his restaurant. By about 9:00 a.m. he is done and it's all delivered to his restaurant later that day by the market.

There is an English menu of course and the staff can speak English. In addition to the menu offerings, always ask Andy if he has anything special. If you have a group, you can always tell Andy to just give you the "keep us happy course" with which we have never gone wrong. The "keep you happy course" is something I made up, but just give your preferences to Andy and let him take care of the rest - you will be happy! 

Andy's is open everyday except on Sunday. Hours: 5 pm to midnight. Reservations are accepted after 4 pm at 03-3214-8021.

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Richard Kirchner

Richard Kirchner @richard.kirchner

I'm an American living in Yokosuka Japan. Getting around independently in Japan and having access to the same food and menu options that the Japanese people do has been a goal of mine. So since arriving in Japan nearly four years ago I've been visiting restaurants, translating menus, and learning kanji along the way. It's been fun, I've learned so much, and met many great people along the way. I like to share the insights and lessons that I've learned with everyone else in hopes your stay in Japan is easier because of the information that I'm able to share.

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Kim 3 months ago
Really enjoyed my experience when I visited here - such a great atmosphere!