Harajuku Owl’s Forest

A unique experience with a room of owls

By Kaila Knight   Jul 13, 2017

If you are on the eccentric streets of Harajuku and feel like experiencing something unique, stop by the Harajuku Owl’s Forest. Different types of owls sit among the tree branches in an enclosed space. With a fee of only ¥680 customers are free to pet the owls and take photographs with them.

Before entering, the store clerk sprays visitor's hands to ensure they are fit for petting the owls. I could tell they keep their establishment very clean and make sure the owls are incredibly healthy. The atmosphere is relaxed and entrancing with its artificial trees in full bloom and dimmed lighting.

Since the time is unlimited, children and adults take their time to really soak in the experience. They make sure to explore the owl’s traits or take selfies with them. The store also has a small souvenir shop where you can pick up a cute owl memento to remember the experience!

This shop is not hard to miss, perched outside is an animatronic of an owl searching for its next guest. When entering the building or exiting, you can make the decision of heading upstairs to your next adventure which is the Bengal Cat’s Forest.

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Stav Vla 4 months ago
I went to the owl forest and within two minutes i left balling my eyes out. Maybe go and read some of the shocking reviews of this inhumane and cruel business and do not go there.