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JS Burgers

Amazing burgers in Harajuku

I can die happy now, because I have eaten the best burger in the world.

J.S. Burgers in Harajuku was a chance find, a serendipitous end to our search for a reasonably priced restaurant which didn’t have a line a mile long outside of it on a Sunday afternoon.

Perched above a clothing store on a side street, it looks small and uninspiring, but inside the décor is fresh and open, with lots of windows and mirrors.

The menu is quite simple, offering a range of burgers, hot dogs, sides, desserts and drinks which can be ordered as sets or alone. I opted for the Holiday set B with a chili burger, ginger ale and cheesecake (¥1480).

The food came out quite quickly, and my burger was big, with fresh tomato and lettuce, a thick, juicy meat patty and a big spoonful of Mexican-style chili. And as I mentioned earlier, it was the best burger I have ever eaten in my life.

There was just the right amount of everything; meat, chili, vegetables, sauce, bread, which became one, messy, harmonious sensation of delicious burger-y-ness.

I’m waxing lyrical about this burger—that’s how delicious it was.

The heavily seasoned fries that came with it were awesome as well, and there were big bottles of tomato ketchup and mustard to drench them in.

After we inhaled our burgers and fries, dessert appeared. Most of my Japanese cheesecake experiences have been disappointing, so I was thoroughly surprised to find that my cheesecake was real, dense cheesecake like at home.

The also encompasses J.S. Pancake Cafes and Journal Standard Cafes in locations around the city, which I hope will provide fare as good as their burgers.

Before we left, we took note of the words printed on the mirror above our heads:

“Will never quit burger and alchole ever”

Which seemed like a pretty good motto to us.

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