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Harajuku Bell Pier at Omotesando

Snakes and Ladders in Little Italy

Its snakes and ladders at Harajuku Bell Pier! Like the board game, it is easy to climb up the ladder or steps here and do a bit of people watching or al fresco eating here. Watch out after a few drinks, or you would be sliding down the slippery slope at this convivial pedestrian friendly village, another world away from the commercialized sanitized malls and big brands at Omotesando.

My favorite eatery is Noppo, featuring mouth-watering home made Japanese fare, like daikon radish bathed in a rich burgundy coloured broth. To the right is an Italian eatery, featuring a flying pig! No you can't eat it, it is just their mascot. However, their treats are much more delicious, and down to earth.

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