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By Francesco Agresti    - 2 min read

It’s not every day that you get to see behind the scenes of a broadcasting studio. Especially when that studio is the largest in the country. In Japan’s case, that studio would be NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai), Japan’s highly regarded television and radio broadcaster. Recently they opened a section of their broadcasting center to the public, which is now called NHK Studio Park.

For a small price (200 yen), this hands-on theme park allows visitors to enjoy exhibits, daily events and live studio viewings. On top of all this, you can discover interesting facts about their exclusive programs and characters from back in the day to what’s currently airing. For those who are interested, you can even be educated in the art of broadcasting and television production such as dubbing, computer graphics, digital and 3D broadcasting, illustrated information about popular programs, NHK announcers and broadcasting history.

On weekdays from around 1pm, visitors can watch the nationwide live broadcast of the talk program "Studiopark kara konnichiwa" from behind the scenes. An interesting experience you won’t find elsewhere. If you find yourself suffering from information overload, you can take a moment to rest in their café or browse through the massive amount of NHK related merchandise in the studio shop.   

With its convenient location, low admission fee, and unique take on museums, this fascinating broadcasting studio is one that shouldn’t be missed.

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