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Oriental Bazaar, Omotesando

Tokyo's most popular and most affordable souvenirs

Originally dating back to 1916, the Oriental Bazaar is the largest souvenir shop dealing with Japanese related merchandise. You will have an easy time locating this three story building due to its red and green exterior, which mimics a traditional oriental shrine. The souvenirs on offer include kimonos, antiques, furniture, ornaments, books and many more.

The Oriental Bazaar has been extremely popular since World War Two and continues to be foreigner friendly to this day. You will find English speaking staff and all signs written in English to ensure you have the smoothest shopping experience possible. In fact, they even offer special wrapping services and are able to ship your purchases overseas if you don’t fancy lugging anything heavy around.

This souvenir shop used to be well known for its rare antiques, but unfortunately most of their goods are now replicas. Antique kimonos are plentiful and the staff will even offer you to try it on if you plan to buy it. There are several traditional prints for sale (reproductions), and sell for between 1,500 and 10,000 yen. So load up your basket and get shopping for all those aunts and uncles!

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Novia Mardasari 2 years ago
It’s like see documentary movie because samurai clothes.
Nicole Bauer 11 years ago
Thanks for your comments! The location has been added. You can't really miss it when strolling along Omotesando street. As far as I know this is the only shop they have. However, it's a great one. I really love it, especially the ceramics. I've also bought great t-shirts for nieces and nephews, all at very affordable prices. The origami sets and cookbooks are fantastic too.
Nooraini Mydin 11 years ago
I totally agree. It is prudent to mention the location of the place you write about.
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 11 years ago
Short and direct to the point article. But I was just wondering where in Japan this bazaar is located. Assuming that I am a newbie in here (which I still think I am) I would definitely like to know where this is located. So I guess, it would be good to mention the specific location; and if this is located in several areas of Japan, then at least, the readers would also know. However, all in all, it's actually a well written article. Thanks a bunch.
Mark Buckton 11 years ago
maybe worth mentioning that it is closed on, IIRC, Thursdays.

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