Sensō-ji at Night

Experience a different side of Asakusa

 By Anisa Shafiyya Harnantyari   Mar 20, 2017

Sensō-ji Temple is usually crowded during the day. Visitors pile up right from the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), along the shopping street (Nakamise), all the way up to the main hall of the temple and its surrounding grounds. With so many people around, it could be difficult to fully immerse yourself in the experience. So why not try visiting at night?

Yes, the main hall of the temple and most shops will be closed. You also won't be able to throw coins for a prayer or buy an o-mikuji (fortune-telling paper strips). However, you will get to enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere as you walk around. The lights illuminate the temple beautifully at night, complimenting its red and orange hues. I think that the temple could be appreciated so much more at its serene state, away from all the hectic mass of crowd. It is truly a small piece of peace at the heart of Tokyo.

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Yes, I prefer Asakusa at night, it 's much less crowded and it's more beautiful with the lights.
Elena Lisina 9 months ago
I went there at night, too, when noticed from the Sky Tree! At night Asakusa looks even better!
Andrew Choi 9 months ago
i remember coming here at night as well. it was really nice, just walking around with few people around. super lovely photos!