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Tea & Spoon Nanaya Aoyama

Matcha lover? Try the world's richest matcha ice cream!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Tea & Spoon Nanaya has been crowned matcha royalty. They recently won first place in quality from the Japan Gelato Associations for their intense matcha-flavored gelato. If you’ve ever had matcha-flavored anything, you know it can be quite strong. But never fear! Luckily Tea and Spoon Nanaya, which uses only the finest green leaves from Shizuoka, has flavors #1 through #7 from least to most intense matcha taste. I went all out and got #7 and it was indeed VERY intense. However, to my surprise it was still a bit sweet despite matcha's bitter natural taste. There are other gelato flavors as well, and you can ask for 2 flavors in your cup, such as matcha and roasted green tea with milk, which is very popular. They also have matcha daifuku (mochi ice-cream) and other matcha sweets!

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