The Grand Sanja Festival Parade

Watch an Edo Period procession through Asakusa

By Kylie Plester    - 1 min read

Sanja Matsuri is a three day festival held in Asakusa every year on the third weekend in May. It is one of Tokyo's biggest festivals with around 2 million people visiting the festival over the weekend. There are different events each day of the festival and Friday's main event is a procession that travels around the streets of Asakusa before arriving at Asakusa Shrine in the Sensoji Temple grounds.

The parade includes priests, geisha, musicians and white heron dancers all dressed in Edo Period costumes. The parade starts at approximately 1pm from Yanaga Dori and arrives in Sensoji around one hour later. It is a great way to see what a procession would've been like during the Edo Period.

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